Blood moon

On the horizon of the Eastern United States, there is a stillness. The water is a barrier. It is a seemingly endless plate of shifting glass. Today, it is reflecting a wondrous occurrence. The moon is closest to the Earth than it will be in the whole year.

The blood moon is sometimes also called a pink moon. If you can, take a peak at it tonight and allow the wonder of nature to enter the square of your condo, your cottage or your apartment.

I walked beneath her. She is the perfect orb of beauty. I looked up at the moon and understood why ancient people used to worship her. The sun is strong and scalding, but the moon is gentle and cool. She wears clouds like negligees, wrapping them around her and letting them slide down her round shoulders.

My stomach is upset. It was upset this morning. Yesterday, I was very sick. I don’t have the virus, so luckily I am not contagious, just depressing to be around. Well, I will sing to the moon and wait until a better day when I will dance in the sunshine by the beach.

The hibiscus is getting ready to bloom. I live in Florida and it is the State flower. It is in my garden. When she blooms, I will share pics.



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