Let’s Celebrate, Good Times

Come on! Let’s celebrate!

I have a recording of my friend’s voice and he knows it. I’m not a stalker or anything. He and I both know that there is something spiritually heartening to hear a close friend’s voice. It can really cheer you up. He recorded a little message of hope and left it on my machine. I was touched.

Everything is so surreal now. Technology is both a friend and a master. We had to use technology to have food. If it weren’t for our gadgets, it would be very hard to have food. We waited for the food. It came in plastic bags and brown paper. It came to our door.

Everyone is celebrating the efforts of the bankers, nurses, bus drivers, truck drivers and the myriad of other workers who are not staying home or working from home. They are wonderful. They are so brave and inspiring.

It is hard to simply sit and wait. It is nice to know that people care, though. It is nice to know that people will check on you if they haven’t heard from you.

I wanted to know about her. She lives on a boat and I worried that she wasn’t going to be able to get supplies. I called her and made her laugh about futuristic horrors. That’s just our dark humor. She and I are resolved to get through this.

He loves Star Trek and graphic design. I asked him to help me with a logo. Twenty minutes later, he had a beautiful logo that I just loved. I love music so I just put on some jazz and soon I was in bliss zone with some Marsalis.

We can tap into our joy centers so easily. So let’s celebrate. Regardless of the pain and illness, we have to find our center of joy.




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