Beautiful day

There is only love. So many people are staying home and doing what they love the most with who they love the most. People are living and probably living with more consideration than ever. I am realizing every instant of goodness. I meet every joy with gratitude and appreciation. I meet every sadness with sublime thankfulness for the reality. The suffering is something that we share. It hurts.

What am I devoted to? Who do I devote my love to and how do I express my devotion?

I really like my friends, past and present. I really like to be able to share in this blog. I really like to pray to the Virgin Mary. I am devoted to my fiance.

I show my devotion by watching television with him. I cook him meals that I know that he will like. I wash his clothes and stay home with him. I walk with him and make sure that he knows that someone loves him. I do.

I wish that I could show my devotion to my friends in a better way. I have always believed that money is a good way to show love. You buy a gift or something. I think now that time is more effective. If you can spend time with someone you love, listening to him and sharing an experience of friendship, more is gained. You have created a memory.

Today has been a beautiful day. I have prayed for my friends and family. I have heard a friend’s voice on the phone. I have cooked two wonderful meals and brought him or to my house. I hope your day was nice too.


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