Cat food and honey

The hibiscus plant that we planted along the southern wall has a large bud that should be opening up in the next day or so. We still don’t know if it will be red. Usually, when you buy a flowering plant, you know what the blooms are going to be. Not this time. This plant is in gestation. Soon, it will bloom and we will see her full beauty.

We bought her at Walmart. Almost everything that we bought before the virus came from that store. Now, we buy from another store. This other store is twice as expensive and charges a delivery fee that kills, but we are not supposed to leave the house.

In these mornings, I awake early and spend about an hour and a half in prayer then watch Mass on the internet. I pray for all of my family. Most are dead or missing. My friends are far away from me. I am not sad. These were the consequences of decisions that I made and God’s will. Should I be mad or sad, I would be grumbling about God and his work.

I miss this priest who guided me spiritually for 20 years until he retired. He always used to tell me to be myself and quit seeing God as a strict and mean spirited father. This priest suggested that I sing. I do. I seldom did what he told me. Maybe that’s why I have so many strange situations in my life.

When you find someone willing to guide you with love, don’t ever run away because you’re used to people guiding you out of desire.

When you are used to cat food, honey tastes too sweet.

Tomorrow, it will be a day for peace and quiet. I have every thing on the line. I hope the storms will pass me by. I hope they pass us all by.


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