Surreal excursion

The hospital was deserted compared to its usual state of bustle. Normally, a nice volunteer or two greet you as you enter with big, bright smiles and eager hellos. Today, all was a confrontation with ultra-modern thermometers, and a litany of questions.

“Do you have a cough?”

“Any fever?”

“Anyone sick at home?”

After it was established that I wasn’t showing signs of carrying the virus, they let me in the hospital for my bi-weekly injection of medicine.

Jesus never promised that this world, this travel was going to be easy. In fact, he said that people who decided to follow him would encounter all kinds of trouble and pain. Father said this morning in his homily that there was a relationship with Jesus that he chose for us. We search for him. He lets us find him. But, we have to search.

This is the most difficult Lent. No one can touch or really even hardly speak face to face. So we have to search. I found it yesterday in Psalm 23. Today, I found it in the playful nature of my nurse at the hospital.

She made wild and wacky jokes intended to make me laugh. We shattered cat stories. Her cat is sneaky and crawls onto the couch when my nurse is not home.

Every day, I will look.

When I looked around today, every one was wearing a face mask and some were wearing gloves. On the highway, there were few cars compared to the usual bumper to bumper traffic. There were still truck drivers making deliveries, merchants open for business and the occasional poor person walking the street. We rented a car to get to the hospital to avoid going in the bus. We thought that there would be less chance of contact that way. The driver was wearing a mask on the way back. His mother and father are in Cuba which has been sealed off because of the virus. He is worried, but he looked determined.

There most surreal part was arriving back at the house and having to wash the clothes that we had only wore for one hour to prevent the spread. I was glad to be home and at work in the kitchen. We are preparing for Easter. The multi-colored plastic eggs arrived today with the candy.

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