I heard him talking before I could see him, before he could take me in his strong arms and call me his friend. He was from Nigeria, and everyone complained about his thick accent. I loved his voice. I was able to really pay attention to what he was saying. He spoke clearly and slowly so that the message could be understood.

Nigeria is a large country in Western Africa. Its capital is Abuja. It has protected lands where beautiful trees and animals live. I would love to go there and see a waterfall. I saw a stream when I was in Germany, but I have yet to see a waterfall. I think that there are waterfalls in the islands of the Caribbean, but Nigeria is special. It is Africa, continent of mystery and romance.

Today, he was talking about the readings from the Bible that described a part of Israeli history. There were these serpents that would bite people and then the people would die. Apparently, the people had complained to Moses about the food and God had sent the serpents. The people had begged God to forgive them. He had relented and forgiven them.

In the reports of the day, it was stated that more people have died from the virus than in the country where it started even though there are more people there.

I wonder if the Lord is angry with us for bickering so much amongst ourselves. Ever since the virus, large nations who used to isolate have come out to help smaller ones. My fiance noted that ever since this started, he has heard no report of war.

I bet Nigeria is really beautiful. Maybe, just maybe, I can hope to survive the virus and see that Nigerian waterfall.

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