Word Soup

I started this blog to share my love of writing with everyone that was interested. Writing is outlet, fuel and purpose for me and for many people.

“Cheat your landlord if you can and must, but never try to shortchange the Muse,” said William S. Burroughs. I like Burroughs because he was inventive and clever. The Muse drops little hints of story ideas into my brain when I am doing the laundry or washing dishes. The Muse whispers plots into my head at night when I am trying to sleep. I know that I have to pay attention to her or she will leave me without those stories that keep me going.

Poem in Lavender
Emotion wrapped in words meant to be spoken gently like the caress of flower petals on the cheek,
Explosive argument about rights left out for the rest of us who have trouble paying our debts,
Love letter for the love who was called off to war before being able to legally drink a beer,
Portrait in words of the Mother who called you "my little baby" when you cried over a skinned knee,
Song for the nation that you simultaneously despise and adore
Are the possibilities for a poem.
Share it, pop it, leak it and whisper it.
Let that poem live.
Yellow flowers outside the neighbor’s yard. Taken in the dusk with my phone’s camera.

The blog will feature content on writing every day of the week but Sundays. ❗❗Blog has been on part-time status. Thanks for your patience. Will resume full schedule May 23, 2022.

  • Monday will have a post dedicated to a screenwriter, playwright, poet or author.
  • Tuesday will feature an essay about a topic relating to writing. It could be the writing life, the writing process or an issue in the news about writing.
  • Wednesday’s post will contain a poem.
  • Thursday will be a lesson day. There are three books that I will be consulting as reference. I am not suggesting that you buy these books. I bought copies in college. I will present the lesson and you can collect your own examples to read from your own texts.
  • 🆕Friday The interactive story Inheritance of Light will now be episodes on Vella under a new name. On this blog, Friday will feature a creative writing series.
  • Saturday will be the day for the continuing story-Seashell Secrets.

There are fun things to do with writing. I am learning how to use words in a way that truly depicts my truth as a human being who loves being on this planet with others. My first aim is to be kind. There is no reason to ruin others’ waves. There is plenty of ocean for all of us. We just have to teach each other how we surf.

As my colleague used to say, “Keep calm and write on.” Hi CW!

Blessings. Thanks for reading!

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